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Q: How do you fix the problem the power plant in heart gold?
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What happens if misty sill wont come back in heart gold?

You need to take care of the power plant problem for Misty to come back.

How do you get zaptos in heart gold?

You can find him outside the Power Plant in Kanto.

In heart gold how do you get the Kanto radio card?

fix the power plant

How do you get to misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you have to fix the power plant and go to the cape

Where to find the power plant on Pokemon heart gold?

South of Route 9

How do you get the power back on in the radio tower in heart gold?

find machinepart in mistys gym and take it to the power plant

How do you fix the stolen piece of the power plant in Pokemon heart gold?

talk to the guy at the panal

What fat man sits at the power plant in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Its in the blah world blah secret

Where do you get the tube to fix power plant on heart gold?

go to cerulean gym and it is behind one of the floats

How do you get the EXPN card in heart gold?

Talk to Director after you solved the Power Plant Mystery then go to Lavender talk to him you will get it

Where is the power plant in Pokemon gold of heart?

The power plant is in the same place it was in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Silver, Crystal, Fire Red, and Leaf Green: east of Cerulean City. Stop before you enter the Rock Tunnel and surf south on the river. You'll find the Power Plant there.

Where do you get the Kanto Radio Card in Heart Gold?

you fix the power plant then go to the radio station talk to the guy and he gives you it