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fix the power plant

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Q: In heart gold how do you get the Kanto radio card?
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Where do you get the Kanto Radio Card in Heart Gold?

you fix the power plant then go to the radio station talk to the guy and he gives you it

How do you get a upgraded radio card in Pokemon heart gold?

fix the problems in the kanto region get the power plant working and then go to lavender town radio station.

How do you use the Kanto radio card in Pokemon gold?

You add it to your Pokedex

Where do you get the poke flute in Pokemon Heart Gold?

u don't. get the kanto radio card and go to the top part of the speaker. hopes this helps!

How do you get the pokeflute in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You don't actually get it it's after you get the kanto radio card from the guy in the lavender town radio tower. set the radio to the top middle and there will be pokeflute. hope this helps!

How do you use the radio in Kanto on Pokemon heart gold?

you have to go to the old ghost tower, east of vermillion city, it is now a radio tower and they will give you a Kanto radio chip for your pokegear.

How do you get poke flute in gold?

You don't actually get it. When you get the Kanto radio card you turn on the radio and move the signal to the top middle.

How do you get to the radio tower in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You go to lavender town for Kanto and Goldenrod for Johto

In pokemon heart gold where is the radio tower in Kanto?

It is in lavender town :P

Where di get Kanto radio card in gold?

Go to Laveder town and go to the radio station. Then talk to the director (the guy in brown).He should give you the Kanto radio card. Be sure you gave the missing machine part to a guy in the power plant.

How do you get to the directer in the radio tower?

heart gold soul silver stop the power cut kanto speak to all men bottem floor get exp card you can wake snorlax with it

Where do you find the expansion card in Pokemon Heart Gold?

You find the EXPN card in Kanto, Lavender Town at the Radio Tower. I didn't find it there and I need it BADLY!!!Well this is me again I have the Expansion Card, but it won't show the Kanto Radio Station Songs..PLEASE HELP!!! O.K I needed to change it to the Pokemon League Dis-sign on your Poke Gear!!