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You find the EXPN card in Kanto, Lavender Town at the Radio Tower.

I didn't find it there and I need it BADLY!!!Well this is me again I have the Expansion Card, but it won't show the Kanto Radio Station Songs..PLEASE HELP!!!

O.K I needed to change it to the Pokemon League Dis-sign on your Poke Gear!!

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Q: Where do you find the expansion card in Pokemon Heart Gold?
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Where do you find the Kanto radio card in pokemon gold?

In Lavender Town, Pokemon Tower If you got the radio card from Goldenrod then I beleive somebody on the ground floor will give you the expansion

How do you get points on your blue card in Pokemon Heart Gold?

listen to buenas password on the radio and tell her the it then you get a point

What does a leaf crown do in Pokemon Heart Gold or Soul Silver?

All It Does Is Add One star To Your Trainer Card

Where do you get the poke flute in Pokemon Heart Gold?

u don't. get the kanto radio card and go to the top part of the speaker. hopes this helps!

How do you get to the screen of the radio card in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you need the radio card from golden rod city in the radio tower. talk to the 2nd lady behind the counter and answer her qustions right.

What is the most powerful Pokemon card you can get?

i would have to say that would be Lugia Legend from the new heart gold and soul silver expansion. It can do 200 damage with its Elemental Blast attack (enough to knock out any Pokemon in the History of Pokemon TCG) and has 130 HP.

Does the Pokemon Heart Gold game card have an infrared bit on it?

No, only firered, leafgreen, silver, emerald, ruby and saphire. and possibly blue, red and yellow

How do you get a upgraded radio card in Pokemon heart gold?

fix the problems in the kanto region get the power plant working and then go to lavender town radio station.

Who is Fan Rotom in Pokemon?

Fan Rotom in Pokemon is considered to be a basic Pokemon that uses lightening. It is part of the Rivals Rising card expansion.

Can you heat a gold plated Pokemon card to remove gold?

Heating a gold plated Pokemon card could potentially damage the card itself. It's best to consult with a professional jeweler or appraiser who has experience with removing gold plating from delicate items like trading cards.

What is the next Pokemon card series after platinum?

i think a remake of Pokemon gold and silver

How do you get a gold rand trainer card in Pokemon emerald?

you win