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you go to the bridge north of cerulean, beat the foreign team rocket guy then he should tell you where it is

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Q: How do you get the missing part of the power plant after you beat Misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?
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How do you get to misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you have to fix the power plant and go to the cape

Where is misty at in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you can find her at the end of route 25 after finding the missing power plant peice and bringing it back to the power plant. hope i helped

How do you find misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

First you have to get the mising macion part from the power plant. The power plant is just off of rout 9 and go to 10. The missing part is in Misty's Gym. once you retern it Misty will be at the end of Route 25. You will see her with her boy friend and then go to talk to her and she will go back to the gym to so you can battle her. This in SS i don't no about HG.

How do you find misty in Pokemon soulsliver?

after you fix the power plant,go to rt.25,the hill,and you'll see misty.

What floatie in Pokemon heart gold holds the missing piece of the power plant?

the floatie is the one at the top left that got the piece

In Pokemon soul silver how do you get misty to come back to the gym?

first you have to go the power plant and talk to the manager then exit the powerplant and go to the gym there you have to find the missing part take it back to the powerplant then go to Cerulean Point there you will interrupt misty and her date and she will go back to the gym

What happens if misty sill wont come back in heart gold?

You need to take care of the power plant problem for Misty to come back.

Pokemon heart gold you fixed went to power plant fixed it but misty never appered at bills on the gym or anywere else any help?

Once you fix the lighthouse you have to go to the END of rt 25, at the dead end, and misty will be there on a date. You interrupt her and she will return to her gym.

Where is Misty in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Near bills house but you need to solve the power plant crisis first.

How do you get Misty and Erika to their gyms in Pokemon soul silver?

To get to Misty you have to go to the Power Plant and fix the thing up there. Then you go to Bill's grandga's house and if you go past his house you will find Misty and her boyfriend. And as for Erika she is already there.

What do you do after team rocket in cerulean city?

In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, after you defeat the rocket grunt, return the piece back to the Power Plant. Then, you will receive a TM, and then you can finally battle Misty at the Cerulean Gym.

How do you beat misty in soulsilver?

Once you fixed the Power Plant, go to the end of Route 25. Talk to Misty and she'll return to the gym. Then you can beat her. (She uses water Pokemon so I suggest you use grass or electric Pokemon.)