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in cerulean city in the gym idiots

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Q: Where is Misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?
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Is misty from Pokemon a tom boy in heart gold?

i believe so

Where can you find misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

On the bride on route 25

How do you get to misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

you have to fix the power plant and go to the cape

Where is Suicune in vermilion city in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Go to the place where you find misty and her boyfriend

What HM do you get from misty on Pokemon Gold?

You don't.

Where is the gym leader misty in Pokemon Heart Gold?

She can be found every day at Cerulean Cape in the late afternoon of every day.

Does misty give you totodile in heart gold after you beat her?


What city do you go to after you beat misty in Pokemon HeartGold?

I don't have heart gold but its Vermilloin city next gym leader is Lt.Surge he has electric Pokemon No,Brock is next,ok?

There a gym in lavender town in Pokemon heart gold?

Gym 2 is Cerulean City, and the Gym Leader is Misty ("The Waterflowers of Cerulean City" is the Pokemon episode with Misty and her three sisters). To get to Cerulean City, you need to go through Mount Moon.

Where do you go after you found the shady carecter in cerulean gym in Pokemon heart gold?

Go out to route 25 and misty will be there when u get to the end. When she and her boyfriend see u, misty will go back to the gym for u to battle.

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

What is the difference between Pokemon HeartGold and Pokemon Gold?

Pokemon Heart gold is different from Pokemon Gold cuz heart gold has better graphics new Pokemon and new events