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You can't unlock storage wallpapers.

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Q: How do you unlock more wallpapers for the storage PC on Pokemon heart gold?
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Where can one download heart wallpapers?

Assuming that wallpapers for PCs are meant here. Actually there are several different options in order to download heart wallpapers. Some examples for great sites include "HD Wallpapers" or "Free Wallpaper Download".

How do you unlock Kanto reign in Pokemon sapphire?

you cant its only in soul silver and heart gold

Can you unlock anything by defeating the Pokemon league in Pokemon heart gold?

yes after you beat them you can defeat ash, his Pokemon are level 80, after you defeat him then you can go to a whole another region! Johto

Where do you catch a Eevee in Pokemon platinum?

theres a girl in heart home that will give you one The girl in Heart Home is called Bebe the maker of the Pokemon storage system and she lives next door to the Pokemon center. make room in your party Pokemon and talk to her and she will give you an Eevee. Hope this helps.

How do you unlock pokeathlon dome?

On Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold, you have to defeat the Goldenrod City Gym Leader, Whitney, and then she tells you that the construction for the Pokeathlon Dome is complete.

How do you unlock Hoenn in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver?

I hear that you can't because it's an impossible move... but that's all i know

What do unused watts do in Pokemon HeartGold after a stroll in your PokeWalker?

The unused watts from your stroll will transfer to your Pokemon Heart Gold game cartridge. The more unused watts you have saved up the more routes you can unlock.

What is the answer to the heart on the wall on woozworld and unlock the heart 2 heart couple?


How do you unlock a heart bed on the sims bustin out?

use the unlock all objects cheat

How do you get darkriy in Pokemon heart gold in Pokemon heart gold?

It's Darkrai. You can't get him in Heart Gold.

Where do yo catch charamander in Pokemon heart gold?

You cannot "catch" Charmander. When you unlock the Kanto region in Pokemon HeartGold, you have to go to Pallet Town and go into Professor Oak's Lab. He will then give you the opportunity to choose the 3 Kanto starters.

Who is heart in Pokemon SoulSilver?

In Pokemon Soul Silver Heart is a young boy who stole one of Elm's Pokemon.