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yes until you receive all of the routes you unlock by collecting watts

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Q: If you use the Ar code to have 99999 watts on the pokewalker will you get a new route every time you connect on Pokemon heart gold?
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Does every Pokemon soul silver game has a pokewalker?

Yes. Every copy of SoulSilver are sold new with a Pokewalker. Some used copies, like the ones at GameStop, do not usually have the Pokewalker with it.

Do you get exp from fighting Pokemon in the pokewalker?

I heard that the Pokemon who is following you gets 1 exp from every step you take. But fighting Pokemon... i heard you have to have it as first one in your party.

How do you get watts fast on pokewalker?

The Watts on a pokewalker are the "cash" for the pokewalker every 20 steps is about one watt every time you meet a certain amount of watts you unlock a new area for the pokewalker

In Pokemon HeartGold how do you get new areas for the pokewalker?

It's all about watts... Every time you're pokewalker records 20 steps, you get one watt. Watts can be used to help find Pokemon (-10 watts) or items (-3 watts). When you return your Pokemon from a trip, the Heartgold/ Soulsilver cartridge records the remaining watts you have on your pokewalker. Then, depending on the number of watts-in-total recorded, you get new routes that you can use the next time you put a Pokemon in the walker.

What are watts in Pokemon HeartGold?

Watts are associated with the exclusive Pokewalker. Every twenty steps you take make one Watt, and once you get a certain number of Watts you can unlock new places. The Pokewalker is exclusive to HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Can you catch a shiny Pokemon in the Pokewalker or is it impossible?

there not real dude Some Pokemon cannot be caught anywhere else, and if every Pokemon can have a shiny version or is that an old wives tale that I heard. So what is the answer possible or impossible?

Is the Pokewalker based on how many steps u take or the steps the Pokemon takes.?

The Pokewalker is like a pedometer.It counts your steps and every few steps is automatically converted into a watt.The watts can be used for finding items and Pokemon.Heartgold and Soulsilver are remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver with which you had the option to buy a similar product called the Pokemon Pikachu 2.

How do you bond with your Pokemon in Pokemon HeartGold?

First of all, keep them the first Pokemon in your party. Never let it faint. Use potions on it, don't take it to the Pokemon center. Take it to the pokeathlon, and put it on the pokewalker every now and then (I suggest while it is on the pokewalker heal your other Pokemon at the Pokemon center. This will save you money buying potions for the other Pokemon).Hope I helped!you walk around with it and use it frequently in battle.( they will bond faster if they don't faint a lot).

How many years in 99999 days?

Divide 99999 by 365.25 (the .25 derived from the fact that there is a leap year every four years) and get over 273 years.

What do you do when you beat the Pokemon league and completed every thing else on Pokemon platinum?

nothing except train your Pokemon and trade and battle with friends. You can also connect to Pokemon revolution

How do you catch Pokemon in your yard?

You basically cannot, period. However, the Pokewalker, included with the DS games Pokemon Heartgold version and Pokemon Soulsilver version, grants you steps when you walk with it in your pocket or on your belt. Get enough steps and you earn a point of sorts simply named the "watt", or w for short. You can use these on the Pokewalker to find an item (need 3 watts), catch Pokemon (10 watts), or save them, and send them back to your Heartgold/Soulsilver game to unlock more routes to stoll on with your Pokemon. Don't worry; you get a watt per every about 15 steps or so.

How grow levels on the pokewalker?

You have to take a step and every step you take it will grow one exp