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do every league and badge to get legends and the if you were in the water youd find a water type Pokemon get it

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Q: How do you catch every Pokemon on Pokemon crater?
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How do you catch Pokemon on Pokemon crater?

Pokemon crater no longer exists

How do you get more Pokemon on Pokemon crater?

Catch pokemon? o.o

How do you evolve Pokemon in Pokemon crater battle arena?

You dont you have to catch them

Where do you catch cranidos in Pokemon crater?

route 6

Where do you find Dialga on Pokemon crater?

you catch him on the cave

How do you catch Pokemon on Pokemon crater without it bringing you back to homepage?

Well actuly,you can't go on Pokemon crater anymore.It sucks.

On Pokemon crater online what Pokemon do you catch on route three?

pikhu bidoof

When will aron evolve in Pokemon crater?

Never You have to catch the evolution

How do you catch legrany on Pokemon crater?

after beating all the elete four

How can you catch raikou in Pokemon crater?

You can find it in Crater anywhere on the map(s), but it's really hard to find.

You mean how do you catch an Articuno in Pokemon crater?

beat the elite 4 first before that and then you can get any legendary Pokemon.

Hoow do you get legandry Pokemon on Pokemon crater?

In first place Pokemon Crater does not exist anymore and the way you can get legendaries is by beating every gym leader and the elite four