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If you happen to fail the STAAR tests, you will not proceed to the next grade.

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Q: Staar tests 4th grader taking staar test failed them will he pass to nect grade?
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If a 4th grader fails the STAAR tests will he be able to move on to the next grade?

If you fail the STAAR tests, you will not proceed to the next grade.

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What happens if you fail your classes and your math staar test in the 7 grade?

You stay in the same grade

What is the staar test?

it is a test in Texas for 3rd through 12th grade.

Do you have to pass the star test for 7th grade?

yes you have to pass the STAAR

What the staar test?

it is a test in Texas for 3rd through 12th grade.

How much STAAR tests are in the fifth grade?

There's only going to be 3. Math, Reading, and Science. State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR)

How do you pass the staar test for fourth grade?

You have to study as well as you can! or it wont work!

How many questions do you have to miss on the STAAR?

The STAAR test is given to all students in the state of Texas. The exact number of questions that you can miss depends on the test and the grade level.

What happens if you fail staar test for 8th grade?

I heard you don't get to graduate to the next grade but I don't think that's true..

Is HW Longfellow Academy in Dallas TX a good school?

Things can always change, but two years ago ( the last year for TAKS) there were only 5 or 6 failed tests for over 400 students taking 3 to 4 tests each. That was two failed math TAKS in 6th grade class, one in 7th, two 8th grade science. Now students change, the STAAR is harder, but if you want to work hard, you'll do well. If you don't want to work hard, go somewhere else!

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