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a quick claw is what you give a Pokemon to increase itsspeed

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Q: In Pokemon diamond your quick claw does not work?
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In Pokemon diamond is there a an item that allows the holder to go first?

It´s called a Quick Claw and you can find it in Jubilife City in the building that´s called Jubilife Condominiums. Talk to the girl next to the Pachirisu and the Pikachu and she will give you the Quick Claw. (Be carefull not to toss it away or releashing a Pokemon that holds it, because you can´t get it back). There are stories that you could also catch a sneasel which is said it might have a Quick Claw. But I don´t know if it´ll work...

Where is pichu on pokemon diamond?

In the Trophy Garden. Bring Quick Balls they work well.

Pokemon Pearl-what Pokemon evolve with a grip claw?

There is no Pokemon that can evolve holding a grip claw. It only causes trapping moves like wrap and bind to work for five turns straight

How do you get 9999999999 dollars in Pokemon diamond?

Work work work

Does an action replay ds work for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

An action replay DS does work on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl I use it all the TIME!

Do Pokemon diamond action replay cheats work for Pokemon platinum?


Snatch in Pokemon Diamond?

a snatch will only work in Pokemon xd/colusseum

What are the buttons to make the quick ball work better on Pokemon platinum?

shake it quick

What Pokemon will the leaf stone work on in diamond?


Does Pokemon Diamond work on the original DS?


How does your actionreplay work on Pokemon Diamond?

You have to buy an action replay.

In Pokemon diamond how do you get pokeballs to work as master balls?

There is no way to do this.