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yes it does ,

i tried

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Q: Does Pokemon Diamond work on Nintendo DSi?
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What would be the total for a Nintendo ds an a Pokemon Diamond?

Nintendo ds lite=£130 Nintendo ds=£60 Nintendo dsi=£180

Can you play ds with dsi on pokemon?

Yes, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi can link together to play Pokemon. Keep in mind that games such as Pokemon Diamond and HeartGold cannot link with Pokemon Black (2) and White (2) for battling and trading.

Can you get manaphy on Pokemon diamond?

u may have the action replay for Nintendo dsi but do not be afraid u can play it and in the Nintendo ds lite

Is Pokemon Shiny Gold on the Visual Boy Advance?

You can't, try fitting the game pack into the GBA, IT DOESN'T WORK! You can only play Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Versions as well as Pokemon Platinum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black and White versions on: Nintendo DS Nintendo DS Lite Nintendo DSi Nintendo DSi XL Nintendo 3DS

How do you get to sunny shore city in Pokemon diamond version for Nintendo dsi XL?

You have to have the 7 Gym Badges.

Does Pokemon white work on ds?

It will work on Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo dsi and on the 3ds. It wont be in 3d though

Where is a Pokemon wonder spot in Pokemon Diamond?

The Pokemon Wonder Spot was a GBA Device used by Nintendo Events.It is not used on the DS, Dsi,DSiXL.

Where can you play Pokemon games?

What are you talking about? Pokemon games are played in Nintendo DS' or Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. The games avalible are Pokemon Heartgold, Pokemon Soulsilver, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Dimond, these games are played on the Nintendo DSi, DS, and Nintendo DSi XL. You can also play games online, Play on the official site,

Does the action replay for Pokemon platinum diamond and pearl work on dsi?


Does Pokemon black work on the Nintendo DSi XL?

Yes , any game made for the DS will be compatible with the DSi and DSi XL consoles

What consoles can Pokemon Ranger be played on?

the Nintendo ds, Nintendo ds lite, Nintendo dsi and Nintendo dsi XL

Do you need a Nintendo 3DS for Pokemon White and Black?

No, it can work for all Nintendo DS systems including: DS, DS lite, DSi, DSi XLl, and/or a 3DS.