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Yes, as long as the Pokemon game is a DS Pokemon game. Since the DSi does not have slot 2, it cannot play GBA Pokemon games

Therefore the DSi can play:

- Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

- Pokemon Black, Black 2, White, and White 2

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Q: Can Nintendo DSi play Pokemon games?
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Where can you play Pokemon games?

What are you talking about? Pokemon games are played in Nintendo DS' or Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL. The games avalible are Pokemon Heartgold, Pokemon Soulsilver, Pokemon Pearl, and Pokemon Dimond, these games are played on the Nintendo DSi, DS, and Nintendo DSi XL. You can also play games online, Play on the official site,

Can Nintendo ds play Nintendo DSi games?

they all play the same type dsi play ds games

Can the Nintendo DSi play games?

well then u can play ds games but no game boy ur wellcome

Can you play ds with dsi on pokemon?

Yes, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi can link together to play Pokemon. Keep in mind that games such as Pokemon Diamond and HeartGold cannot link with Pokemon Black (2) and White (2) for battling and trading.

Can Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of darkness able to play on the Nintendo DSi?

Yes Ds Games Fit In the DSI

Can you play Nintendo DSi games on a Nintendo ds?

if the artwork on the box say DSI you can not play it on a Nintendo ds, but, there are only a handful of games that say this

Does the Nintendo DSi hold GBA games?

No, the Nintendo DSi does not have a second slot to play GBA games

What games can't you play on the Nintendo DSi?

The only games you can play are games made for the Nintendo DS. All other games are not able to be played on the DSi.

What are Pokemon Diamonds?

they are Nintendo ds or dsi games

Can you play wii games on a Nintendo DSi?


Can Nintendo ds games play on a Nintendo dsi system?


Can the DSi play US games?

Yes, the Nintendo DSi can play regular US DS games, as they are not region locked. However there is a type of game marked as 'DSi-enhanced', which are region locked. A UK DSi cannot play a US copy of Pokemon Conquest, for example.