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Yes, because the Nintendo DSi is not region locked

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Q: Can an European DSi play American games?
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Will American dsi play UK games?

A US DSi can play UK games

Can you play European games on a DSiXL brought in US?

Yes. A European DSi XL will play most US region game cards for the DS. There are, however, certain games that are region locked because they are DSi exclusive or have DSi exclusive features. (Such as Pokémon Black and White) Also, as it is a US DSi XL, you will not be able to buy DSiWare from the European region.

Can you play DSi games in your DS?

no you can't play dsi games in ds but you can play ds games in dsi.

Will the Nintendo DSi from Japan work with North American games and accessories?

Yes, since Nintendo DS games are not region locked, the Japanese DSi can play North American games. The Japanese DSi is not physically different than the North American DSi so accessories will work as well.

Can you play Japanese games on Canadian ps2?

On the Nintendo DS you can play any game without region lock so that means you can play a japanese DS game on an american DS but on the DSi and on the 3DS there is a region lock which means you can only play games that compatible with your DSi/3DS region. NTSC (=american) DSi/3DS can only play NTSC games, PAL (=european) DSi/3DS can only play PAL games and NTSC-J (=japanese) DSi/3DS can only play NTSC-J games.

What kind of games are used for DSi?

The DSi can play DS and DSi games, as well as DSi ware games. It cannot play GameBoy games or 3DS games.

Can a American 3DS game play on a European 3DS?

Sadly you can not, 3DS games and DS enhanced games(DSi) are region locked. This means that games made for Europe can only be played on a Euro 3DS. Same with the American, Japanese, and Australia units.

Do American 3Ds's play English DS games?

The 3DS can play DS games from any region, excluding games that are either DSi-exclusive or games with extra features on the DSi.

Will American ds games work on the English dsi?

Any DS game which does not use the GBA slot, will work on a Nintendo DSi. SRSLY UR DUMB Sorry this is incorrect If you have american games on the dsi you get an error i have found especially with american laytons So i don't know if it is with all american games on the dsi No it will not work the dsi is region locked the other nintendos before the dsi where not you cannot play non region games on the dsi

Can you play dsi games on a ds lite?

Yes, you can play DS lite games on the DSi as well as the DSi XL

How do you Import Japanese or Europe flipnotes with American dsi?

You must have a Japanese or European dsi. Then put the flipnote on your American dsi.

Does dsi have any lock?

If you Mean Parental Contols like the wii. Then yes, the dsi has them. The Dsi is also region locked, so you can't play DSi games from Japan on an American Dsi.