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Yes, you can play DS lite games on the DSi as well as the DSi XL

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Yes, but you can't play the downloadable games from the dsi shop.

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Q: Can you play dsi games on a ds lite?
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Can the Nintendo DS lite play Nintendo DSi games?

Yes, the original Nintendo DS as well as the Nintendo DS lite can play NDSi games.

Are there any Yu-Gi-Oh games for Dsi?

DSI's and DS (Lite)'s use the same games, so if there's a Yu-Gi-Oh game for the DS, then you can play it on the DSI.

Is Yugioh nightmare troubadour only for DS lite or can you play it on the DSi?

You could play it on both. Any DS game can play on your DSi

Will you be able to play DSi games on a DS?

The DSI is the same games and mostly the same but with more features to it. For example the camera, wifi, songs, recording. Also, a new feature is added in Pictochat if you click the pen twice. Last, the DSI is not able to play any gameboy games because it does not have the slot for it. Oh and if you dont know you can switch it for your DS for $70. And if you just buy it and not switch it, it's $170. - from previous respondent Good information, but fails to answer the question. You asked: "Will you be able to play DSi games on a DS?" And the simple answer is: No, you will not. DSi games will ONLY play on the DSi, not the DS Lite nor the original DS unit. If you do get DSi games to play on the DS Lite or original unit, consider yourself lucky, because they're not meant to.

Can you connect the DSi with the DS lite?

For the most part, yes you can. If you want to connect with pictochat or DS games (including DS Download), you can connect between a Nintendo DS and DSi. However, for DSi specific games, such as DSi games and certain applications, the Nintendo DS will not be able to connect. But, note that certain DSiWare games that can DS download play still can be connected to the Nintendo DS.

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Will a DSi game work on the DS lite?

Yes, the Nintendo DS lite can play DSi games

Can the DS lite play DSI games?

Yes, they can play the dsi games.

What consoles games that works on ds?

The DS and DS Lite will play DS and GameBoy Advance games The DSi will only play DS games (and downloadable games from the DSi shop)

Can you download games to a DS light?

no, you can't download game to a Nintendo DS lite, it only works with a Nintendo DSi or a DSi XL

Do regular DS games fit in the DSI?

Yesyes becase the manual says you can play ds lite games on your dsi

Can the Nintendo DS lite play Nintendo DSi games?

Yes, the original Nintendo DS as well as the Nintendo DS lite can play NDSi games.

How many games does the dsi play?

It plays all the games the DS lite can play as well as special DSi games

Ds lite or DSI?

DS lite because the DSi cant play GBA games. so you people out there that want a DSi and have Guitar Hero on Tour, DONT GET IT!

Does DSixl play DS lite games?

You can. The only difference between the DSi XL and the DS lite are that the DSi XL has the camera and it has a larger screen.

Which Nintendo ds console play gba games?

The original DS can play them, as can the DS lite. The DSi, DSi XL and the 3DS do not have a GBA slot.

Can you play Nintendo DS games on a Nintendo DS I?

yes all ds ds lite and dsi games are the same

Can you trade in your DS Lite games for DSi games?

A DSi uses DS games.