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The DSI is the same games and mostly the same but with more features to it. For example the camera, wifi, songs, recording. Also, a new feature is added in Pictochat if you click the pen twice. Last, the DSI is not able to play any gameboy games because it does not have the slot for it. Oh and if you dont know you can switch it for your DS for $70. And if you just buy it and not switch it, it's $170. - from previous respondent

Good information, but fails to answer the question.

You asked: "Will you be able to play DSi games on a DS?"

And the simple answer is: No, you will not.

DSi games will ONLY play on the DSi, not the DS Lite nor the original DS unit. If you do get DSi games to play on the DS Lite or original unit, consider yourself lucky, because they're not meant to.

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Q: Will you be able to play DSi games on a DS?
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Can you play DSi games in your DS?

no you can't play dsi games in ds but you can play ds games in dsi.

Will you be able to play old ds games cartridges not older gameboy advance games on the new dsi when its available?

All DS games will be able to be played on the DSi.

Will you be able to play ds games on dsi?

no, not always. sorry

Will you be able to play Paper Mario 3DS on a DSi or DS?

No, 3DS games cannot be played on the Nintendo DS or DSi

Can the ds games work in the dsi?

Yes, the DSi can play DS games

What games can't you play on the Nintendo DSi?

The only games you can play are games made for the Nintendo DS. All other games are not able to be played on the DSi.

Can you play dsi games on a ds lite?

Yes, you can play DS lite games on the DSi as well as the DSi XL

Can Nintendo ds play Nintendo DSi games?

they all play the same type dsi play ds games

What consoles games that works on ds?

The DS and DS Lite will play DS and GameBoy Advance games The DSi will only play DS games (and downloadable games from the DSi shop)

What games can you play on the 3DS?

You can play 3DS, DSi or DS games. (Note: DS and DSi games do not display 3D visuals.

Can the DS lite play DSI games?

Yes, they can play the dsi games.

Will you be able to play Nintendo DSi games on a Nintendo ds?

Nope. Sadly, you cannot because some of the games require a camera, the internet, etc. The DSi can play all Nintendo DS and DSL games, however.