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Q: Can you play Pokemon Diamond on a DSI?
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Can Nintendo DSi play Pokemon games?

Yes, as long as the Pokemon game is a DS Pokemon game. Since the DSi does not have slot 2, it cannot play GBA Pokemon games Therefore the DSi can play: - Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum - Pokemon Black, Black 2, White, and White 2

Can you play ds with dsi on pokemon?

Yes, the Nintendo DS and Nintendo DSi can link together to play Pokemon. Keep in mind that games such as Pokemon Diamond and HeartGold cannot link with Pokemon Black (2) and White (2) for battling and trading.

How do you get the strongest Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond for dsi?

By leveling up your Pokemon from eggs.

What are the Pokemon versions for ds lite and dsi?

I Think its Pokemon Diamond and Platinium

Can you get manaphy on Pokemon diamond?

u may have the action replay for Nintendo dsi but do not be afraid u can play it and in the Nintendo ds lite

Does Pokemon Diamond work on Nintendo DSi?

yes it does , i tried

How do you enter cheats in Pokemon Diamond for dsi?

You can buy Action Replay DSi at Walmart or Toys R us and it has a bunch of Pokemon Diamond cheats on it like, you can have 99 of every item!

Pokemon diamond cheats for action replay dsi?

all pokemon:1224f558 2234a907

Can you play Pokemon crater on a dsi?


How on Pokemon diamond with action replay dsi how do you get all Pokemon?

there is not a cheat to get all Pokemon but there is a cheat to get certain Pokemon

How do you migrate Pokemon in Pokemon diamond from Pokemon fire redwith a dsi?

you cant. you have to have a ds or ds lite.

How do you get past the fire trap in Pokemon Diamond ds?

You blow on the dsi, i'm not sure if a ds can recognize wind on pokemon diamond or not.