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You blow on the dsi, i'm not sure if a ds can recognize wind on pokemon diamond or not.

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Q: How do you get past the fire trap in Pokemon Diamond ds?
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In Pokemon diamond how do you get out of a fire trap?

hold down your finger on the mic hole and wala the fire goes away!

How do you get out of a flower trap in Pokemon diamond?

Blow on the mic.

Is there a trap merchant in mt coronet in Pokemon diamond?

no there wasnt for me

Does fire spin in Pokemon platinum trap Pokemon?

for 2-5 turns

How do you get rid of the fire trap in diamond?

You will need to blow into the microphone to get rid of the flames.

In Pokemon Diamond how do you get out of a leaf trap?

i think u blow the leafs away

What must do where traped in fire at under ground on Pokemon DP?

Once you get trapped in fire in the Underground in Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl, the only way to get out of the fire trap is by blowing into the microphone of the DS system, this also works with the DSi and 3DS systems.

How do you get mesprit to stay still Pokemon diamond?

Mean Look Arena Trap (ability)

How can you escape the fire trap in Pokemon pearl?

You literally blow on it.

What does a warp trap do in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Not 100% sure, but I think it teleports you to a random place in the underground.

Where do you get traps for base Pokemon diamond?

You trade the little hiker something that you dig up, in exchange you pick a trap.

What are Pokemon with Arena Trap in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon diamon, diglett has arena trap. You can catch a Diglett at the top of route 228. (you can only get there after beating the Pokemon league and talking to the sailor at snowpoint city).The only other way to get this Pokemon is to complete the sinnoh pokedex than go to proffeser rowan for the national pokedex, and than trade one from leaf green or fire red versions. (you have to get the national pokedex before trading one from another version).!!!Good Luck!!!