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In Pokemon diamon, diglett has arena trap. You can catch a Diglett at the top of route 228. (you can only get there after beating the Pokemon league and talking to the sailor at snowpoint city).

The only other way to get this Pokemon is to complete the sinnoh pokedex than go to proffeser rowan for the national pokedex, and than trade one from leaf green or fire red versions. (you have to get the national pokedex before trading one from another version).

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Q: What are Pokemon with Arena Trap in Pokemon Diamond?
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How do you get mesprit to stay still Pokemon diamond?

Mean Look Arena Trap (ability)

Does arena trap trap legendary Pokemon?


What Pokemon have area trap?

Diglett has an arena trap.

If you put the Pokemon with arena trap and take it out can the foe still not flee?

You need the Pokemon with arena trap in battle or the wild Pokemon can flee

Where you get mean look in diamond?

okay you cant find mean look but there are certain Pokemon with this move like golbat are get Pokemon with arena trap as there abilaty egerdi69

What Pokemon have the ability arena trap in soulsilver?

Well, no new Pokemon have Arena Trap, but The Pokemon Dugtrio does and Wobbafett has Shadow Tag, which is the same. There is one Pokemon I believe that has Arena Trap as a Dream World Ability...not sure though. Hope this helps!

What Pokemon have the ability arena trap in Pokemon firered?

dugtrio and digglet

How are you supposed to catch legendary Pokemon if they keep running in Pokemon diamond?

The best way to stop legendaries from running is make use of moves and abilities that prevent it. Examples are Mean Look for a move and Arena Trap for an ability (Arena Trap won't work on flying types or those with the levitate ability).

In Pokemon Ruby can Pokemon run from trapinch?

"In Pokemon ruby can Pokemon run from trapinch?"Yes and no. Most Pokemon cannot run from trapinch because trapinch has the ability Arena Trap, but flying types are unnaffected by Arena Trap.

How do you get to the battle arena Pokemon diamond?

there is none.

What Pokemon has arena trap in Pokemon Platinum?

Trapinch and Diglett/Dugtrio are the ones who have it however keep in mind that the Arena Trap ability does not work against flying-types and Pokémon with the Levitate ability.

What Pokemon have the ability arena trap in heart gold?

Diglet trachip