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yes it works with any diamond pearl or platinum game

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Q: Does Pokemon Battle Revolution work with Pokemon platinum?
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You cannot connect your Pokemon platinum rom from your edge cart to your Pokemon Battle Revolution wii game what could be the problem?

Yea it's compatible. Nintendo was smart enough to put a patch in platinum when it was released that allows it to work with battle revolution

Does Pokemon platinum work on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

I dont think so because it was made specifically for Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, for more information go to

Can Pokemon Black work on Pokemon Battle Revolution?


Do shiny Pokemon work for Pokemon Battle Revolution?


Can you battle dawn in Pokemon Platinum?

No you can not battle dawn in platinum:( but you do work with her several times against team galatic

Can hacked Pokemon work in Pokemon Battle Revolution?

Hacked Pokemon come out as "bad eggs" if you try to put them on Pokemon Battle Revolution. But Pokesav'd Pokemon will go through fine.

Will Pokemon Battle Revolution copy Pokemon on a model 1 ds?

Any DS System And Pokemon Game Should Work As Long As It Is A 4th Generation Game. (Diamond,Pearl,Platinum,Heart Gold,Soul Silver)

How do i transfer Pokemon from Pokemon soul silver into Pokemon Battle Revolution i have the Japanese version?

If you have non-Japanese battle revolution and Japanese hg/ss, then I think they are not programmed to work with each other-meaning you can't.

Why can Pokemon Platinum work on Nogba but not on NDS?

Pokemon platinum can work on NDS

Can you battle Pokemon diamond pearl and platinum trade and battle with black and white?

No. I tried that with a teenager named Sean and it didn't work.

How do you unlock Darkrai on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

You cannot Unlock Darkrai on this game only copying Pokemon will work.

Can Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time work with Pokemon Battle Revolution?

no source: my friend has it and tried. nope it doesnt work only Pokemon diamend or pearl will work with the wii. source:ME!