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hey you who gave answer you are a idiot it doesn't work

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Q: Rare candy cheats on Pokemon diamond?
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Rare candy cheats on pokemon heartgold?

do it yourself

How do you get rare candy without cheats in Pokemon black?

You have to find rare candy or buy them at a certain store.

How do you use cheats for Pokemon ash quest?

The answer is use Pokemon fire red cheats.

Where to buy a rare candy in Pokemon pearl?

with cheats you can get hem

What does rare candy do in diamond?

Rare candy increases your pokemon's level by 1. Use wisely!

If you use a rare candy will your Pokemon evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Yes it will.

How do you get x999 of rare candy for free in Pokemon diamond?

A cheat.

What is the infinite rare candy cheat on Pokemon diamond?


Pokemon plaitnum to get 1000 rare candy?

You can only get more rare candys if you have cheats the maximum is 999

How do you get 999 rare candy on Pokemon Diamond No Action Replay?

You can't.

Can you buy rare candy in pastoria city in Pokemon diamond?

No you can't.

Were do you get rare candies on Pokemon diamond?

You find Rare Candy's in Poke Balls through your adventure.