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The answer is use Pokemon fire red cheats.

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Rare candy

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Q: How do you use cheats for Pokemon ash quest?
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How do you use cheats in adventure quest?

you cant

Are there any Cheats for Mech quest?

Yes there are a lot of cheats for Mech Quest. But to use the cheats you have to have Cheat Engine 5.5 or any versions like 5.4, 5.3, and 5.2.

What are some cheats on Pokemon Ruby?

There are no cheats on any Pokemon games you have to use a gameshark but they can delete your data!!

How can use Pokemon shiny gold cheats?

fire red cheats do not work on Pokemon shiny gold

How do you use the item Sacred Ash in Pokemon Heart Gold?

Sacred ash can be used to revive all fainted Pokemon in your party.

What are The cheats For mechquest?

Don't exist cheats for mechquest. No wrong u can use cheat engine on mech quest i did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you get cheats to catch other peoples Pokemon?

well if you use rom you can search pokemon (verson) rom cheats You can only capture npcs pokemon if you use a ds you cant

Can use Pokemon Platinum cheats on Pokemon diamond?

No you may not use Pokemon platinum cheats on diamond or pearl. The storyline is totally different! This doesn't include action replay!

What is the walk through walls code for Pokemon flora sky?

7881A409 E2026E0CC56CFACA DC167904Its a Pokemon emerald hack so this should work.

Pokemon Platinum shiny Pokemon cheats?

Use an action replay...

How do use cheats for Pokemon platinum not with action replays?

use cheats with a flashcard. there is NO WAY to cheat in-game.

How do you type in the numbers in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

If you mean for the Pokemon Modifier, use the caculater app on the Pokemon watch. You get it at Jubilife city. :)