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type in goggle LEGO batman cheat codes and find the code for min kit detector

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Q: How do you get minikit in Lego Batman arctic world?
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How do you get the eighth minikit in Lego Batman arctic world without starting over?

I'm afraid you have to start over, it's the only way to get everything. :)

Where are all the minikits on Lego Batman?

It's easy all you have to do is unlock the minikit detector

Where do you find scarecrow's biplane in Lego batman 2?

you cant found him on the city, its a minikit

What is the real code for ras al ghoul Lego batman wii?

You have to 100% on the lego batman. In order to do so, you have to find every minikit in the game. On the hero levels and the villian levels.

Does Lego batman 2 have a hero trophy room?

No, Lego Batman 2 uses only a minikitvehicleselector, no minikit trophy room. You choose a kit to ride, inside the batcave. There are 15 vehicle minikits you can drive, including planes, boats, and cars.

Where do you find the joker's card in Arctic world on Lego batman ds?

You have to use a charcter that uses a gun. When you run the level with a that character, you will recieve another joker's card.

Where is a Silver Key in Lego Batman?

artic world

Can I get Lego Batman for the PC?

Yes, you can get Lego Batman for the PC.

What are the Batman LEGO sets for 2009?

There were no Lego Batman sets released in 2009. Lego discontinued the Batman sets after 2008.

Which is better Lego Star Wars LEGO batman or LEGO Indiana Jones?

LEGO Harry Potter! Duh!

What LEGO stores sell LEGO Batman?

Sadly, Lego Batman is not manufactured any more, however a great place to buy Lego Batman is Ebay.

Where do you get the bio suit for LEGO batman?

you can get the lego batman bio suit and the lego robin bio suit in a new lego batman set released in 2013