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Q: Is there a joker classic in Lego batman Wii?
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What is the first level in Lego batman for wii?

da joker kid

How do you get to Harley Quinn in Lego batman Wii?

compite villans side....first episode of joker's return

Is lego batman 3 for wii?

Question was, Is there LEGO Batman 3 for Wii

How do you download characters on Lego batman 2 wii?

how do you download characters on lego batman 2 on wii

When was LEGO batman 2 on wii created?

lego batman for wii was created about 2008 or 2010 or finally 2011

Lego batman cheats?

there are a few cheats that i know they are on wii so they are:Alfred pennyworth:ZAQ637Bruce Wayne:BDJ327Cat woman (classic) M1AAWWClown Goon HJK327Commissioner Gordon DDP967Fishmonger HGY748Freeze Girl XVK541Freeze Henchman NJL412The Joker (tropical) CCB199

Is there a Batman game for the Wii?

Yes, Lego batman

Does Lego Batman come for the Wii?

Yes it does come for the Wii.

Is Nintendo Wii going to make a batman game?

Question was, Is there Lego Batman 3 for Wii

How do you get to Metropolis in Lego Batman 2 for Wii?

you can't

How much does Lego batman for the Wii cost?


Where is Wii Lego Batman?

At any game store or at walmart