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you can get the LEGO batman bio suit and the lego robin bio suit in a new lego batman set released in 2013

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Q: Where do you get the bio suit for LEGO batman?
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In the Lego Batman video game can Batman glide?

Only when he has his glide suit.

What are the special suits for Batman in Lego Batman?

The Fire suit, the glide suit, the sonic suit, and the demolition suit. Also the normal suit.

In Batman Lego how do you get across to the separature island in Batmans lair?

Glider Suit Batman.

Can you get black Batman suit on Lego Batman game?

yes but it is only a special power.It is the first suit you get. the normal one, that's balck.

What weapons can you get for Lego batman ps2 character creation?

suit case?

Is the new Lego batman toy coming out Jan1?

Yes, on the day Jan. 1 the new Lego batman is coming to TOYS R US and 4 more Lego's 2 more of Lego spider-man and 2 new Lego batman and one of the new Lego has white suit batman and the other one the new bane and more XD.

How do you get the bats on the sonic suit in Lego batman on the xbox 360?

you need to find the red brick for it.

What does the armor plating extra do in Lego Batman?

The armor plating makes the demolition suit bullet proof.

How do you get past the fire in level 4 of episode 3 of Lego batman?

break some stuff and if you fnd shaking bricks that batman's heat suit.

Can I get Lego Batman for the PC?

Yes, you can get Lego Batman for the PC.

What are the Batman LEGO sets for 2009?

There were no Lego Batman sets released in 2009. Lego discontinued the Batman sets after 2008.

Which is better Lego Star Wars LEGO batman or LEGO Indiana Jones?

LEGO Harry Potter! Duh!