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beat the game

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Q: How do you get azrael on Lego batman?
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Is there a cheat to get azrael and huntress on Lego batman?

There is no cheat code to get arzael and huntress. Finish the game and return to the Batcave and Azrael and Huntress will be available for purchase.

What is best character in Lego Batman?

Simply azrael, he has almost all of the ability's. Batman's OK and so is nightwing. Firefly has a awesome weapon and Harley Quin has a massive hammer so you decide.

Who is next batman?

Azrael (Jean Paul Valley)

Who are the secret characters in Lego batman?

They are: Ras al ghul..Talia al Ghul...hush.......azrael.......blackmask........huntress......spoiler....... and one other im not so sure hope this helps

Can I get Lego Batman for the PC?

Yes, you can get Lego Batman for the PC.

What are the Batman LEGO sets for 2009?

There were no Lego Batman sets released in 2009. Lego discontinued the Batman sets after 2008.

Which is better Lego Star Wars LEGO batman or LEGO Indiana Jones?

LEGO Harry Potter! Duh!

What LEGO stores sell LEGO Batman?

Sadly, Lego Batman is not manufactured any more, however a great place to buy Lego Batman is Ebay.

Where do you get the bio suit for LEGO batman?

you can get the lego batman bio suit and the lego robin bio suit in a new lego batman set released in 2013

Azrael from Lego batman?

Yes. Just do everything else 1st, beat all the levels, get all the minikits, Get all the power bricks, unlock all the other characters, and he appears on sale for 2,000,000 studs.

Is Lego Batman 2 the final Lego Batman game?


Is firefly in LEGO batman 2?

no he is only in lego batman 1