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No, LEGO Batman 2 uses only a minikitvehicleselector, no minikit trophy room. You choose a kit to ride, inside the batcave. There are 15 vehicle minikits you can drive, including planes, boats, and cars.

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Q: Does Lego batman 2 have a hero trophy room?
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How do you access Wayne Manor in Lego Batman?

Earn enough points in each hero mission to gain super hero status.The door to Wayne Manor will appear in trophy room.

How do you change from hero to villain in L ego Batman the Video Game batman the video game?

well 1st thing you need to do is complete a chapter in Lego batman's hero mode then after that's done exit the hero mission room and go to the left then head right till you find a wall that has a switch clayface and riddler should be on it pull the lever and you'll and up at arkham asylum and you can do the same chapter but from the villians point of view

In Lego batman how do you unlock hero 1 and hero 2?

there is a secret door in arkham aslum go all the way down the hall behind it and then there is a another door that leads to a secret room, there you get to costomize your own two heros, I've done this and its really fun

How do you create your own character in Lego Batman?

The character creator is in Arkham Asylum. You get to go there once you beat the first episode. From the hero mission room take the elevator down to the computer room and throw the switch at stage right to transfer from the batcave to Arkham Asylum. The custom character creator is in the experimental room.

Where is Ventriloquist in Lego Batman villain hunt?

at the room with the meters when you open the door to the last room.

Which level contains the red brick for the red brick detector in Lego batman?

3.4, in the secret room off the bathroom

How do you get in the tower in Lego Batman?

you have to find the key that will open the secret passage way. which is under the kitchen counter in the back room.

How do you get Bane on Batman Lego?

You have to first beat the Hero Chapter: Power-Crazed Penguin. Then, you must pull the lever in the Batcave to access Arkham Asylum. Then, go to the Villain Mission Room, and beat the Penguin chapter. One of these levels will include Bane.

When was The Trophy Room created?

The Trophy Room was created in 2010.

How do you do the bad guy mission on Lego batman?

win a whole good mission a-get the veicle b-finnish the whole veicle then go to the custom room and pull the switch

Where is Dr Hugo strange In Lego Batman villain Hunt?

Not sure about the other console versions but in the DS version of lego batman's villain hunt In the level it has him you cross the gap with the huge dollar sign, possibly with Alfred hovering umbrella and use azrael's super strength to break the wall down the in the glass corridor room to the left you will see him.

Where is the trophy room in NBA 2k11?

There isn't a trophy room in NBA 2k11 My Player Mode, but there is one in the association mode!!