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You can craft it using molten glass and a glassblowing pipe.

49 Crafting Level is required.

You can also buy one from the Grand Exchange in Varrock.

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Q: How do you get a lens for a bullseye lantern RuneScape?
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How do you get the light creatures on runescape to come to you?

You need to make a bullseye lantern and make a sapphire lens. Also oil so it will burn. Lit it by them and they will take you across.

Where do you get oil for a bullseye lantern RuneScape?

You need to get Swamp Tar and take it to the chemist in Rimmington where he can turn it into oil.

How do you lite a lantern on runescape?

Use a tinderbox on the lantern.

For the tears of guthix quest does your bullseye lantern need to be lit?


How do you make a bullseye lantern in RuneScape?

It requires 49 Smithing to make the steel frame (Steel Bar) and 49 Crafting to make the glass lens (Blowing Pipe + Molten Glass (Entrana)).To make Molten Glass:Go To Entrana with a bucket, use bucket on pile of sand, use the bucket of sand on a furnace to get molten glass.

Where do you get a lantern in RuneScape?

You can get an unlit bug lantern from any of the Slayer Masters in Runescape. You must have Level 33 Slayer to equip it and it acts as a shield and helps when fighting Harpie Bug Swarms.

RuneScape how do you put oil in a latern?

You don't but in order to get a lit oil lantern you should check out the crafting guide for more answers.

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