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You don't but in order to get a lit oil lantern you should check out the crafting guide for more answers.

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Q: RuneScape how do you put oil in a latern?
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What levers do you pull to get the oil can in RuneScape?

Go to youtube and search runescape ernest the chicken oil can.

What to do after getting oil can in RuneScape?

If you mean the oil can you get in the tutorial. This should help. You select the oil can and then select the rag/cloth thing. The put the rags on the pillars then attach the fuse. Hope this helped!

Oil flows upward in the wick of a latern becuase of a liquid property called what?

Due to capillarity, oil flows upward in the lantern. The attraction of liquid molecules in the oil between each other and with the wick is known as capillarity.

How does the latern fish swim?

in water

How to put a RuneScape 2 client onto my website?

There is no such thing as runescape two.

Will there be a Runescape 2?

there is a runescape 3 now ok. there is a runescape 2 but there is actually no runescape 3 The version that everyone plays in runescape 2. Runescape 3 is a scam site were you put in your username and password and it takes it.

When was the Chinese latern festival invented?

it is unknowing

How tall do you have to be to ride the green latern?

54 in.

What are light dames?

A dame is a type of latern.

How do you put runescape on usb?

download it and then play it

Where did the name Justin come from?

Latern called justic

Where do you get oil for a bullseye lantern RuneScape?

You need to get Swamp Tar and take it to the chemist in Rimmington where he can turn it into oil.