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There is none, since Runescape is java based, and run from servers.

People have attempted to 'macro' for their own gain on runescape, but the creators have put large measures in place to limit this.

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Q: What is the hacking code of RuneScape?
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Is hacking RuneScape illegal?

'Hacking' RuneScape in any way is violation of Jagex's Terms and Conditions. This is because hacking RuneScape or other systems of Jagex is an infringement of Jagex's intellectual property rights, which is against the law.

Who wants to trade RuneScape accounts?

It is against the Runescape rules of play to trade/sell runescape accounts to to the risk of hacking.

Is there a way to keep your hacking money on runescape?

yes child

Best RuneScape account hack?

Hacking other peoples RuneScape accounts can get your IP address permanently blacklisted by Jagex, therefor it is never advised. Hacking accounts is also a direct violation of RuneScape terms of service. There is no real account hacking software for RuneScape, any program saying it can do this is lying and will most likely infect your computer with keyloggers, Trojans horses and other malware.

Can you get a virus from rune scape?

No. But if your downloading a "hack" or "bot" for runescape it will probably end up hacking your runescape account.

What are RuneScape cheat codes?

there are none for hacking runescape, but try frugooscape. it is a very cheating version of runescape. for more info you can post a message on my message board-------------------bloodknight.

What is the Santa hat code in runescape?

There is no Santa Hat code in RuneScape.

What is e-hacking?

Internet Hacking. It could hurt you computer and even lead to viruses. Be carefull for hackers out there. Examples: Runescape,Ourworld,Facebook,Yahoo and More.

Where can you download a working RuneScape password changer?

If your stupid and dont know that you can change your password on the runescape website then your not to bright(No affence if so) but if your talking about hacking then i have nothing...

What is the code for an adminent ore in RuneScape?

There are no cheats in Runescape at all.

What is a good RuneScape private server?

No private servers should be used and they are against the rules. They could lead to a ban of a RuneScape account, and hold the potential of housing keyloggers and other methods of hacking runescape accounts.

How do you take over RuneScape accounts?

It is against Runescape rules to take over accounts that are yours. If your account is stolen however, you should contact Runescape in order to try and get it back instead of hacking it or some other way.