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You hols down the dash button (commonly Y or X), and jump three times in a row while running. Mario/Luigi will do a series of three fancy jumps with special sound effects.

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Q: How do you do a super jump in Super Mario Bros ds?
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How do you ground pound Mario's head on Super Mario Brothers?

In New Super Mario Bros, jump using A and press down on the control pad while in air.

How do you jump over the flagpole in Super Mario Bros?

You would have to have a glitch to do that... otherwise its impossible.

How do you defeat the rock worm in New Super Mario Bros. with mini Mario form?

just jump on him when he is little

How do you moonwalk on Super Mario Bros?

If you mean moon jump, then you need an action replay (AR)

How do you defeat bowser jr in world 1 on super Mario bros?

all you need to do is jump on him

How do you get Mario to roll in new super Mario bros for dsi?

Apparently you cannot. You can wall jump though. Also, New Super Mario Bros. isn't just specifically for the Nintendo DSi; it's also for the Nintendo DS too.

How do you kill bowser Jr?

*Throw a shell at him then jump on him. **Attack his father using rocket Fludd head. *New Super Mario Bros. DS **Super Mario Sunshine

In the video on the New Super Mario Bros DS game website under New Moves they show Mario doing a backflip. How do you do a backflip in New Super Mario Bros DS game?

You do a back flip in New super Mario bros by jumping while running , as soon as you touch the ground jump again and then again . You should have done a back flip

How do you make Mario do a flip in new super Mario bros ds?

Make Mario run and jump 3 times while running.

How do you jump in a pipe in the air in new Super Mario Bros?

Jump from underneath the pipe while holding up on the D-Pad

How do you get big mushroom in Super Mario Brothers 1?

Well, for new super Mario bros, then you have to have purchased a yellow toad house with 5 star coins. Go into it and jump on the "?" box.

What is the difference between luigi and Mario?

in the wii version of Super Mario bros, luigi is a lot better. He has better speed ad jump. in the ds and snes versions, there the same