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No such thing has been spoken about or even hinted at by Nintendo. With the 3DS set to launch before March of 2011, there is not enough time for a Super Smash Bros. game for the Nintendo DS to be developed.

B. Actually no there is not, but 2 things. There is a super smash bros homebrew for DS and there is a game exactly/similar to the game Super Smash Bros.

The similar game is called Jump Super Stars, and the sequel Jump Ultimate Star. Its basically a Super smash bros but a brawler of the famous Manga called Shonen Jump.

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No. The only SSB versions in the US are super smash bros melee, super smash bros and Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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Not for NDS, but there is Super Smash Bros for 3DS, the same version as for Wii U

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Q: Is there a Super Smash Bros for Nintendo DS?
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Where can you get Super Smash Bros.. for the DS?

There are currently no Super Smash Bros. games for the Nintendo DS.

Is Super Smash Bros Brawl DS in stores yet?

No. Super Smash Bros. Brawl has not been made for the Nintendo DS.

Is there a Super Smash Bros game on the Nintendo Ds?

No. ----

Is there a Super Smash Bros. Brawl for Nintendo DS?


Is there going to be a Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo DS?

Maybe there is.Someone is working on a homebrew, it's called super smash bros flash,And there's another one, Super smash bros DS.

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Will Super Smash Bros. brawl be for Nintendo ds?

as cool as it would be, no. The Smash Bros series is only on consoles for now.

Will they ever make a Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo ds?

Sadly,the answer is probably no.

Where can dry bowser be in Nintendo?

super Mario bros DS, super smash bros. brawl, and Mario kart wii

Is there a Super Smash Bros for the DS?

No, not yet, but Nintendo may be planning one in the future.

Is Super Smash Bros. brawl on NDS?

If you mean for the Nintendo ds then no. its only for the wii.

Can you buy Super Smash Bros Brawl DS?

No, there is no Super Smash Bros. Brawl DS.