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Yes and No. There is only one for the 3DS. If you get homebrew on your DS/DSi, you can get Super Smash Bros. Clash.

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Not yet but hopefully there will be.

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Q: Was there ever a Super Smash Bros. Game for DS?
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Will Darth Vader ever be in the next Super Smash Bros game?

He'll be in Super Smash Bros 4. it'll be on the next Nintendo console after the Wii. I'm sure he'll be a new character in the next Super Smash Bros game.

Will there ever be a Super Smash Bros game for the DS?

no it is not possible Actually no there is not, but 2 things. There is a super smash bros homebrew for DS and there is a game exactly/similar to the game Super Smash Bros. The similar game is called Jump Super Stars, and the sequel Jump Ultimate Star. Its basically a Super smash bros but a brawler of the famous Manga called Shonen Jump. Read more on this game here

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I guess we'll have to wait for super smash bros. 4 :)

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In Super Smash Bros Brawl

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it is the best game ever!!!!! you should so buy it!

Will dark samus ever be in super smash bros?


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no but there will be sequels

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Nobody knows. Nintendo might not even bother to make another Super Smash Bros game. Or, they can make a Super Smash Bros Brawl 2, and have every charachter ever created. Nobody knows. That is the future.