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When you are signed in to the web use the options button on the controller triangle emblem to open side panel of options go to the browsing history and again use to options button to open the delete all selection.

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Q: How do you delete internet history on ps3?
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How do you delete your history on a computer?

you go to control panel, network and internet, internet options, delete browsing history and cookies.

How do you delete history from internet?

If you are using Internet Explorer 8, click on "Safety", then "Delete Browsing History", select what you want to delete, then click OK and all will be done.

How do you delete internet search on PS3?

Open up the internet browser and hit the triangle button to access settings. Click on tools on that list and if you scroll down you should see options that say "delete cookies" etc. Use those to delete your cookies, cache, and search history. Now if you go back to your search history, it should be gone.

Do the PS3 updates delete web history?

I dont think so

Is your boyfriend lying to me when he says PS3 updates delete history?

Yes. He is lying to you because PS3 Updates only interfere with configuration and does not delete anything at all!

How do you delete complete history on a video game?

if it is an internet game go to internet options and go to delete all

How can one delete a Google search that they have done?

One can delete a search that they have done on the Internet by deleting their browser's history. It can be done on all browsers, by going to Internet options and pressing delete browsing history.

How do you delete cookies on your laptop?

go to tools internet optiond, or go to history and delete it

How do you clear your browser's history in Internet Explorer 7?

Open browser, tools, internet options, delete, select all, delete.

How do you delete a computer history file?

It's important to know that what kinds of history on your computer you want to delete?* internet browsing history* Cache* Cookies* Windows temp files* Start menu, order history* Applications usage history... ...You can delete internet history in relevant browsers. But for the others, you might need to use a history cleaner. It will search the history records and let you seletively delete them.

How do you delete Netflix history on your ps3?

u cant but there is a limeted amount of history so watch as many as possible to get rid of it

How do you clear your computer's cache when using Internet Explorer?

go to tools internet option and delete all history, delete all files