Is ps3 slim internet slow

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A PS3 slim has WiFi and wired capabilities for internet usage. It will depend on each individuals internet connection as to the slowness of the PS3.

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Q: Is ps3 slim internet slow
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How does wireless internet on PS3 slim work?

You have to have wireless internet and then the PS3 has the ability to connect to it.

Can ps3 slim go on internet?


Can you use wireless internet on a 120 GB PS3 slim?

Yup, you sure can. You can use wireless internet on all ps3's.

Which lasts longer PS3 or PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

Xbox 360 slim vs PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

Can you access the internet from a 360 elite?

no but you can on a... ps3 or wii... well not the slim ps3 but you get the idea with the whole console war thing... right?

Which is better for internet browsing and gaming - Alienware laptop or PS3 slim?

PS3 slim is a very poor browser so the laptop is better. How well does the laptop play Blue-ray discs

Are ps3 slim better than xbox?

Ps3 Slim.

Why does the PS3 slim overheat?

The ps3 slim doesn't overheat

Is a PS3 or PS3 slim better?

Ps3 slim is much better! More attractive!

Which one is more powerful the PS3 or the PS3 slim?

The original PS3 is "technically" superior. But, the PS3 slim consumes less power, and is smaller. There isn't as much heat with the slim... Personally, I prefer the Original PS3 over the slim.

Does the PS3 slim come with a game?

No, the PS3 slim does not come with a game.