Why does the PS3 slim overheat?

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2012-03-15 05:28:06

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The ps3 slim doesn't overheat

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2012-03-15 05:28:06
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Q: Why does the PS3 slim overheat?
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Does PS3 slim overheat?

NO! As crazy as it sounds the ps3 slim is built with a faster proceser and no fan and since the technology advanced it will not ovrheet

Does the Sony PlayStation 3 overheat?

the ps3 slim does heat up quickly but you can buy a addition to the ps3 slim seperaltly which helps cool it down but the ps3 original does ot overheat a owner of both versions the slim does heat up faster than the original but neither overheat at all.....they do get hot but they never overheat......I ve left both consoles on allnight to download loads of things and it didnt over heat

Does the PS3 slim get hot fast?

It has a cooler causing it to never overheat as many have said.

Is PS3 silm better than PS3 fat?

Slim, doesn't overheat, quite, no smudging, lighter to move, though fat can play PS3 , PS2 games and PS2 slim can only play ps1 and ps3.

Can the PS3 slim controllers work with the PS3 slim?

can the PS3 slim controllers work with PS3 fat

Which lasts longer PS3 or PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

Does the PlayStation three overheat?

Mine has never overheated and I don't know of a PS3 slim that has had problems. The below answer may be from someone with an older fat PS3 yes playstation does overheat like in 8 hours so dont play long

Xbox 360 slim vs PS3 slim?

PS3 slim

Are ps3 slim better than xbox?

Ps3 Slim.

Is a PS3 or PS3 slim better?

Ps3 slim is much better! More attractive!

Why is the PS3 slim cheaper then the PS3?

The slim is cheaper because it can not play ps2 games however the ps3 burns out faster than the slim ps3

Does the PS3 slim come with a game?

No, the PS3 slim does not come with a game.

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