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PS3 slim with 160G is $299.00

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Q: How much does a PS3 cost that is new?
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How much does saint row 2 cost on ps3?

Well in it cost's 19.99 and its new for the ps3 :D

How much a PS3 cost at gamstop?

It depends upon whether you buy the PS3 new or not. A new PS3 costs 250 US dollars. A used PS3 can cost as low as 199 US dollars.

How much do new ps3 cost at a pawn shop?


How much does a ps3 fat 6ogb cost?

Refurbished Consoles cost about $350 at stores like Gamestop and do not have the warranty of a new PS3

How much does a brand new ps3 cost?

it usually costs $250

How much dose the 160 GB PS3 cost?

A 160 GB PS3 cost

How much does saints row 2 cost for a PS3 in 2010?

Should be under $20 new

When you have a ps2 can you switch for a PS3?

The PS3 will cost much more than a PS2 and a Used PS2 can get you $20-25 off a new PS3 at a store that takes trade ins

How much does it cost to fix the yellow light on a PS3?

Fixing the YLOD on the PS3 will cost $150.00.

How much will a ps3 cost me if I order it with Amazon com?

The cost of a PS3 system on Amazon (.com) depends on which system you purchase. You can buy used for under $200.00 or new for $215.00. Bundled with games, a PS3 system can cost around $300.00.

In New Zealand how much money does dynastywarrioas6 cost on ps3?

around 80-90 NZ Dollars

How much are the new maps from MW2 going to cost on PS3?

$15, PC users it's free.