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You dont, you just have to get it out of your inventory.

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Q: How do you get down the tree stand in Cabela's outdoor adventures for the wii?
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How do you get your muzzle loader out to kill a black tailed deer on cabelas outdoor adventures?

Hit "A" and highlight your rifle 870 and hit "c" and scroll down through all the other guns on the right until you get to the muzzleloader! Hit "c" again to equip it!

How do you use duck call for cabelas outdoor adventures?

in computer u have to move mouse up and click left,down and click right. but your mouse mat can be to small when doing it so use table or so and click alt when u want to see when u have to move your mouse down.

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures how to use tree stand?

on the Wii version while still holding the C down for inventory menu, press the Z key while over the duck call item, then you see Tree Stand to the right as something to select

How do you unlock all levels in cabelas Alaskan adventures in ps2?

At main menu press L1, L1, L1, R1, R1, Up, Down, Up, and it will have a gunshot if correct!

How do you hunt 2 bears in cabelas outdoor adventure?

Use the muzzle loader to kill the bear that is closest to the hill you came down. Then kill the other one before it goes all the way up the hill.

How do you use the tree stand in Cabela's Outdoor Adventures?

hold down the right bumper to bring up your inventory. then click a NON WEAPON like the spray, rangefinder or duckcall, or gps. while holding the right bumper press a button there you go :) If you are using the wii zaper or the cabelas gun press and hold A to bring up your inventory, then like said above highlight a non-weapon. While still holding in A press the C button and a new list will pop up on the right of your screen. Pick the stand (or other tool needed) from the inventory and press C again to swap it out with whatever you had selected (range finder/game call/etc)

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When was The Adventures of Down Under Dan created?

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How do you find the bear tracks in Cabela's outdoor adventures?

walk around till u find all of the tracks dont walk around up where you hunt for raccoons go down the hill turn left then go up the other ill then down then up and there in there in grass and in the open

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