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hold down the right bumper to bring up your inventory. then click a NON WEAPON like the spray, rangefinder or duckcall, or gps. while holding the right bumper press a button there you go :)

If you are using the wii zaper or the cabelas gun press and hold A to bring up your inventory, then like said above highlight a non-weapon. While still holding in A press the C button and a new list will pop up on the right of your screen. Pick the stand (or other tool needed) from the inventory and press C again to swap it out with whatever you had selected (range finder/game call/etc)

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Q: How do you use the tree stand in Cabela's Outdoor Adventures?
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How do you mount a tree stand in cabelas outdoor adventures?

You can only do it on certain missions/hunts. Go up to the tree that you have to go up to, click inventory-tree stand and it should work.

How do you use the tree stand on cabelas outdoor adventures?

Hold R1 and select the GPS. Then press X and there will be a camoflauge chair kinda thing. That is the treestand. Press X again and then BOOM! your up in the tree.

How do you get down the tree stand in Cabela's outdoor adventures for the wii?

You dont, you just have to get it out of your inventory.

How do you get a treestand in cabela's outdoor adventures for the wii?

Go to iventory go to gps press c and it will show tree stand

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures how to use tree stand?

on the Wii version while still holding the C down for inventory menu, press the Z key while over the duck call item, then you see Tree Stand to the right as something to select

How do you coyote hunt on cabelas outdoor adventures?

On the first map where you start to hunt elk, and mule deer. After you hunt the first elk from the tree stand, and are told to go to the lake for a mule deer, head towards the center of the NE section of the map instead. You will find a property with a couple sheds and some silos. At the gate to the property you will get option to hunt coyotes. If you get to the part where the elk knocks over the dead tree that you can use as a bridge, you went too far, turn around and work your way back NE. ~CongoDaddy

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How do you get the tree stand in cabelas outdoor adventure 2009 for Wii?

Here are two answers for your question, since I don't understand your question: To GET a treestand from the game, simply play the game until you get to the Idaho region. You should have a treestand by then. To SET UP a treestand to hunt, select your Inventory, then either your GPS, RANGEFINDER, ANIMAL CALL, or other. Once you've selected one of these, press the C button on the nunchuk. You should see a small list of materials on the screen. Select the treestand by pressing the C button. The stand should replace whatever you've selected. (GPS, etc.) Get near a tree with fungus on it, go to your Inventory, and select the treestand. Happy Hunting!

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