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Go to iventory go to gps press c and it will show tree stand

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Q: How do you get a treestand in cabela's outdoor adventures for the wii?
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How do you get the tree stand in cabelas outdoor adventure 2009 for Wii?

Here are two answers for your question, since I don't understand your question: To GET a treestand from the game, simply play the game until you get to the Idaho region. You should have a treestand by then. To SET UP a treestand to hunt, select your Inventory, then either your GPS, RANGEFINDER, ANIMAL CALL, or other. Once you've selected one of these, press the C button on the nunchuk. You should see a small list of materials on the screen. Select the treestand by pressing the C button. The stand should replace whatever you've selected. (GPS, etc.) Get near a tree with fungus on it, go to your Inventory, and select the treestand. Happy Hunting!

Where are coyotes in Cabelas outdoor adventure for Wii?

I don't know i think there might be a cheat code or something

How do you get a treestand in cabela's outdoor adventures?

press R1 and hold it.. then select the duck stuff and holding R1 press X, and appears the item "treestand" , it´s like in other section of the inventory.. then you select it.. and it´s gonna be in your main inventory then just take it and done..!! i had a hard time also but luckily did it.. For Wii (Zapper Play) Press and Hold "A" (do the following while holding "A" the whole time). With "Control Stick" select the "Duck Call" and Press "C". This will bring another inventory menu to include your "Treestand" and "Elk Call", select "Treestand" this will swap your "Duck Call" with the "Treestand". Let go of "A". This also applies to the other equipment in your pack when applicable.

How do you get down the tree stand in Cabela's outdoor adventures for the wii?

You dont, you just have to get it out of your inventory.

What is the best wii hunting game?

Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011, Cabelas Big Game Hunter 2010 and Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2009.

Is Wii sureshot rifle compatible with cabellas games?

yes i have used it on outdoor adventures and big game hunter but i recomend you just use the wii remotes for most of them unless your that determind like i am

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No the sims 3 World Adventures is not on the Wii, unfortunetly.

Can you play a wii hunting game without extra accessories or a Wii gun?

Yes you can. At least for Cabelas Big game or something. Ususallu for any game you can.

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skylanders is better on wii

How do you hunt whitetail deer on cabelas big game hunter for Wii?

In British Columbia, keep trying and you will find them

How do you switch weapons in cabelas big game hunter 2010?

How do you switch weapons in the big game hunter 2010 wii

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