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If you look closely, you'll see boards. They are green. When your close enough, Slow down, you want the helicopter to HIT the boards. You MUST hit the helicopter 3 times with the boards! Good luck!

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Q: How do you defeat a helicopter in road of the dead?
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How do you beat the helicopter on call of duty black ops?

To defeat and take down the helicopter in Road of the dead, you must avoid getting hit by the helicopter while it's shooting at you. Wait for the green board and after that, hit the chopper three times until the chopper is taken down. But remember to avoid hitting the cars. Note: Taking down the helicopter is not going to be easy.

How do you defeat the helicopter in the ice planet?

Use your shied to hit the helicopter

How do you defeat the helicopter in quantam of solace?

use your full auto gun and aim at the helicopter and kee moving until the helicopter falls to the ground. I did it and completed the level.

How do you use a gun for road of the dead?

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What happens if a motor brakes down in a helicopter?

Ur dead!

What does a helicopter combine with on dead rising 2?

It combines with the machete

When does the helicopter arrive in dead rising?

At midday on day 3.

What are the cheat codes for road of the dead?

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Why wont your air hogs havoc razor helicopter fly?

The helicopter might not fly because the battery is dead and needs to be charged or because you have the remote and helicopter on different frequencies.

What happens when engine fails in helicopter?

if the engine fails a good pilot can 'auto rotate' using the dead rotor to lower the helicopter

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How do you get ending A in Dead Rising?

You have to beat the game with finishing the cases and escape on the helicopter.