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To defeat megatron all you have to do is first knock the allspark out of is hands by fighting him and then get the allspark and hit megatron with it and it will kill him but then you have to be optimus and fight megatron untill dead

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Q: How do you defeat megatron on transformers ds?
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How do you defeat megatron on transformers autobots on ds?

this is how you defeat megatron for good you jump back on megatron then is how so stop it

How do you defeat Megatron in Transformers for Wii?

by jizzing on it

On transformers 2 how do you get to megatron autobots ds?

impossible.only possile in transformers decepticons.yours truly hcd.

Will megatron be in transformers 4?

megatron is not in transformers 4 because he was died in transformers 3

How do you beat megatron on transformers autobots for Nintendo ds?

You Don"t Beat Him By Hunter Hos

How do you become megatron in transformers decepticons for Nintendo ds?

at the last battle megatron has to kill starscream so dtarscream wont take the cube for him self

Why does Megatron change forms in Transformers 2?

In Transformers 2 Megatron is a flying tank and a Cybertonian jet

Who is Megatron in transformers?

Megatron is the Deceptions (bad guys) leader.

Do Megatron and Starsream die in transformers 3?

Megatron dies.

How do you get the alspark from megetron ds transformers?

I had trouble with this as well. You have to hit his back about 3-5 times and he will drop it. Grab the Allpark and smash it to Megatrons chest. Your character will die and you will play as Optimus to then defeat Megatron

Can you play as g1 megatron in transformers revenge of the fallen the game?

no but you can play as g1 megatron in transformers 2007 game

Will Megatron be in Transformers 3?

Megatron still is alive in Transformers 2 so he will be back with Starscream and more Decepticons