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You have to take the allspark away from megatron with the made of character and hit him with the allspark

After you do that fight megatron with optimus prime with guns and hand to hand

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Q: How do you defeat megatron in end game?
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How do you defeat megatron on transformers autobots on ds?

this is how you defeat megatron for good you jump back on megatron then is how so stop it

How do you defeat megatron on transformers ds?

To defeat megatron all you have to do is first knock the allspark out of is hands by fighting him and then get the allspark and hit megatron with it and it will kill him but then you have to be optimus and fight megatron untill dead

How do you defeat megatron?

by killing him

How do you defeat Megatron in Transformers for Wii?

by jizzing on it

How does optimus defeat megatron in PS2?

you have to throw cars

How does Megatron defeat Optimus Prime if only a prime can defeat a prime?

Only a Prime can defeat the original primes

In revenge of the fallen how do you defeat megatron?

You can Shoot this Metalic Pillars and will knock on him.

How do you defeat optimus prime if your megatron?

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Can optimus prime defeat megatron?

Yes because Optimus Prime can really easily crush Megatron with his physical strengths.

Can you play as g1 megatron in transformers revenge of the fallen the game?

no but you can play as g1 megatron in transformers 2007 game

In transformers the game how do you pass the level were megatron is frozen?

you have to shoot the canisters beside megatron when megatron gets his arm out of the ice and he will freeze again for you can get the cube

How does megatron defeat optimus in transformers revenge of the fallen on the Wii Ive tried and tried but cant defeat him?

in the movie megatron jams his blade through optimus primes back and then shoots his cannon wich is attached to his sword and optimus dies in about three seconds