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how do you find a jet in Transformers autobots DS

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Q: How do you find Jet in Transformers Autobots DS?
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Where is the jet in transformers autobots ds game?

Don't now soz

How do you get the jet in transformers autobots DS?

You have to get a certain amount of points on wifi

How Do you unlock the fighter jet in transformers autobots on DS?

buy getting it

How do you get the jet on transformers autobots on ds?

you can but if you cant find it you are a rat bag

Can transformers autobots communicate with transformers desepticons ds?


How do you get a jet on transformers ds?

Get 2500 wifi tokens on allspark wars and you will get Skydive (Autobots), or G1 Starscream (Decepticons).

How do you get a airplane from transformers autobots?

Collect 2600 wi-fi tokens and get the target. Once you get it, if it has a ds download station, download the Transformers DS trailer to unlock the airplane...a.k.a:skidive jet

How do you complete transformers rotf autobots ds mission6 in japan?

Go to Youtube and type in, Transformers ROTF DS Autobots Mission 6

Where can you scan a jet and use it in transformers autobots for ds?

you can't. you unlock it from allspark wars. you cant in the second one, though.

What are the transformers autobots ds action replay?

It's simple, go to the code junkies website and look up Transformers: Autobots under DS and look for Transformers: Autobots (v1.1) and it'll give you an updated codes list.

How to you get a jetplane on the Transformers Autobots or Decepticons DS game?

On transformers Decepticons you can use Starscream or Megatron as a jet or by getting 2500 wifi tokens on allspark wars you can get G1 Starscream (Jet). I am not 100% sure but I think you have to go to any Target and go to someplace where you will download the movie trailer then you will get a Jet called Skydive (Autobots).

Do you get to be all the autobots in transformers revenge of the fallen Ds?