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Q: Does Wii sports come with Wii console?
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Does the game Wii Sports come with every Wii console?

No, the game Wii-Play comes with the Wii console.

Will NHL come to Wii in 2010?

Yeah there is NHL 2010 in the works for Wii console from EA Sports.

Does the will u come with the will?

The wii-u console does not come with the wii console but you can play wii games on the wii-u

Can you play Wii sports resort on your old Wii console?


Does the Wii console come with Wii sports?

Different places sell them with different games, You will have to look into the place you are going to buy it from to see which game is included.

What comes with a Wii console?

a wiimote and and the best-selling game Wii Sports

What was the first Wii game?

The first Wii game wasWii Sports witch comes with the game console.

How much does an average Wii console cost with the Wii sports game?

it comes to £180

Dose a used Wii come with Wii sports?

Yes, all Wii's used or not used... come with wii sports

What all comes in the Wii sports accessories?

Wii Sports itself comes with the Wii console, and does not come with any extra accessories, nor does Wii actually produce any of these products. There are other companies that do make extra sports accessories all of which include the golf club, baseball bat, and tennis racket.

What is the best selling game till date for the ultrapopular gaming console Nintendo Wii?

Wii sports

When you buy the Wii do you get Wii sports with it?

No, the basic Wii Mini package does not include Wii Sports. However, Wii Sports has been added to the Nintendo Selects family of titles, so it costs $19.99 instead of the full price when it originally launched.