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You but a new one.

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Q: How do you change igloos in club penguin?
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Are there bathrooms in igloos?

No, not in club penguin. But in real igloos there are.

How do you change other peoples igloos on Club Penguin?

You cant if i'ts not your Igloo.:)

How do you change member igloos by rearanging there stuff on club penguin?

it doesnt work no more since club penugin edited

How do you wreck peoples igloos on club penguin?

you cant wreck peoples igloos

How do you sell fish bowl igloos on club penguin?

You can't sell anything on club penguin.

How do you get member igloos on club penguin when you are not a member?

You Cant

What is the best igloo style in Club Penguin?

The most popular igloos on Club Penguin are forts.That is my opinion.

How do i get to my house in club penguin?

Go to the map, click on Igloos (a picture of a bunch of igloos), and click on your username.

What is the oldest igloo in club penguin besides the always avalible igloos including The split level igloo and the basic igloo?

The candy igloo and the gingerbread house are the oldest igloos on club penguin

Where is the box demension in Club Penguin?

Its in members igloos(some), but only the members who put it in their igloo.But its in most igloos.

Do igloos come back to club penguin?

Yes. U have to wait for it.

How can you get the island of Club Penguin rug?

it comes in the better igloos catolog