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Go to Club Penguin. Look everywhere!

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Q: How do you change your paasword in Club Penguin?
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How do you change into anybody in Club Penguin?

You need Club Penguin Storm.

On Club Penguin how do you change the penguin style?

There is not a way to change graphics on club penguin. However, you can submit your idea to club penguin's email at or you can call club penguin's customer service and tell them your idea at 1-888-861-4777. But you can change the quality of Club Penguin by pressing the + sign or = sign. ~winner 25321

How do you change a name on Club Penguin?

You cannot change your penguin's name.

How do you change your email on Club Penguin?

change it

Can you change the email address for your penguin in club penguin?

No you cant

How do you change the date on Club Penguin?

You cannot change the time of Club Penguin. the time is fixed so you cannot change but if you are offline, you still can see the time of club penguin by going to this website:

How do you change peoples clothes on club penguin?

you can change them by click your penguin, put on the same exact items they have, click on their penguin, and you will be able to change their penguin

How does the screen change on Club Penguin?

The screen can change on Club Penguin by clicking + and -. If you go to this website: it may give you better answers. It's owned by Crystal 61. I know her in person! She is a heck of famous penguin on Club Penguin!

What should you do to get the white color on club penguin?

change the colour of your penguin

Is there a green penguin collectors club?

No, there is not one, but you can change the color of your penguin. <(")

Can you change the month to October on Club Penguin?


How do you change your day on club penguin?

you cant...