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its in my l )

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Q: Where to get step by step instructions to activate action replay codes into Pokemon diamond?
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How do you get escape ropes on Pokemon diamond with action replay?

activate all items

How do you activate the all Pokemon shiny code on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for the action replay?

Press L+R

How long does it take for the Pokemon diamond game id for action replay to activate?

12 hrs

Is there an action replay code to make your Pokemon over level 100 on Pokemon Diamond and if there is how do i activate it?

NO. There is not. That would be cool if hey do

What is the 999 master ball cheat for Pokemon diamond?

it requires an Action Replay. if you can activate without one, then i don't know how to

Charizard action replay codes for diamond?

The Charizard action replay code for Pokemon Diamond is press on Box 1, and choose Slot 1. Then click on Start and choose Select button to activate.

Is their an action replay code for the azure flute in Pokemon diamond with an action replay?

Yes, there is, but you'd have to get the action replay and its code to activate it. I don't have the code yet, but I have two arceuses already.

How do you activate the walk through anything cheat on Pokemon diamond?

use ds action replay then activate the cheat code N.O. just press some random buttons and it should work,I guess. (using action replay!)

Is there an action replay code to get all Pokemon on Pokemon diamond and how do you activate it?

you can only do a code to SHOW pokemons in the pokedex.It will only show that you have all of them.I think you activate it with L+R+select(it might be only L+R)

What are action replay codes for Pokemon Diamond for 999 stats?

PressR+A on trainer card to activate and L+A to deactivate dosent always work

Action replay code 1 ko hid in Pokemon diamond?

u get this code when u buy the action replay , and to activate it u press [select] during the battle !

How do you enter the shiny Pokemon cheat on your Pokemon Diamond Version?

Well first you need to have a A.R.(Action Replay) then you enter your code for the game and pick which one you want to activate! I suggest looking in youtube for A.R. codes in diamond!