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it requires an Action Replay. if you can activate without one, then i don't know how to

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Q: What is the 999 master ball cheat for Pokemon diamond?
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What is action replay code to catch any Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

yes. its master ball cheat

Where are all the master balls in Pokemon Diamond?

There is only one master ball in Pokemon diamond. But there is a cheat for getting a WHOLE lot more. Look it up at how do you get 98 master balls? I don't know where the master ball is I think it's in a team galatic headquarters.

What is the master ball cheat?

trade a friend a pokemon and his pokemon holding a master ball

How do you get more than one master ball at a time?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum you can get one master ball from Master Cyrus. To get more, you have to cheat using a Action Replay DS or DSI, or you can trade Pokemon with your friends and receive master balls from the Pokemon that they traded.

How do you copy Pokemon on Pokemon pearl without the master ball?

well i dont know about diamond or pearl but there is a emerald cloning cheat if that helps

How do youse the master ball cheat Pokemon Diamond?

buy a action replay then go to youtube everythings on sale Pokemon emerald and get the code

Where can you get a great ball or master ball in Pokemon diamond?

there is no master ball in diamond and also great ball. but there is silver ball-silver ball is like a master ball.

Master ball cheat for Pokemon diamond?

check the action replay code manager or neoseeker (there arent many codes)

How do you get master ball fast in Pokemon diamond?

Have a friend trade you a Pokemon holding the master ball they got.

100 master ball cheat in Pokemon firered?

Um Who told you that cheat is probably a lair but it is true for the 999X master ball cheat.

How can you find lots of master ball in Pokemon diamond?

You can only get lots of master balls by using a cheat/code. There is only one or two in the actual game

How do you find all the Pokemon in the Pokemon Diamond game?

get an action replay and find a cheat for it (i forget what it is called) but there are 2 types, heart scale and master ball. i prefer the heart scale cheat.