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For catching a zapdos.First you will need at least 20 ultraballs.Second you will need a pokemon that can sleep the rival pokemons.

Now to catch zapdos first weak it and then sleep it and start throwing ultraballs at it. You will catch it after 10,11 or 12th trial

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Q: How do you catch Zapdos without a master ball?
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Can you catch Zapdos in one try?

Use a master ball on it.

How can you catch zapdos?

weaken Zapdos as much as you can then throw a master ball at it which can be bought at the pokemart/pokeshop

Do you need to get Zapdos on red before you catch it with a ultra ball?

no. you actually dont. But I caught him with a master ball because I have 999 Master Ball. My brother caught it with a poke ball on yellow. Shake your DS and it will be easier to catch.

Can you catch arceus without a master ball?


Should you use your master ball on Zapdos?

No, if unless you are planning not to catch any other legendary pokemon. Zekrom is the easiest legendary to catch, you should use it later with kyurem which is level 75 and seems impossible to catch even with 1hp and put to sleep

Can you catch mew without a master ball?

I'm not quite sure what your talking about, but I would have to say that you would not have to catch it in a Master Ball.

Can you catch latios without a master ball?


You used your master ball on Giratina was that good or bad?

You should have used a dusk ball. LOL of course its bad......Master ball should be saved for a powerful roamer like Zapdos, Moltres and Articuno (yes, you can catch them in platinum without migrating via Pal Park and with no cheats).

Is it ok to use a m-ball on Zapdos?

No it is not ok to use a master ball on zapdos ,use a ultra ball after you have weakend it.

The best pokeball to get Zapdos?

The master ball but i would suggest not using it on zapdos.

Can you catch regice without a master ball?

you need to have two master balls.

How do I catch Zapdos in Pokemon Yellow I get him very weak then I throw an Ultra Ball but it always misses?

you need a master ball to catch a zapdos I am not sure how but this is a lie he is lying. You can catch it with other balls because my brother did it but at the moment I'm just as stuck as you unfortunately. Sorry i could'NT help much.