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Q: Can you catch arceus without a master ball?
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How do you catch Arceus without master ball?

if its in a cave use dusk balls and ultra balls or just go and get arceus by ar or action replay codes but u should have had saved that master ball for arceus

How do you catch Arceus for action replay?

Action Replay yourself a Master Ball.

Is Arceus hard to catch?

Arceus has a catch rate of 3, so you need LOTS of Ultra Balls. If you have a Master Ball, you can easily catch it. He is ridiculous, because it takes so long to catch him! I recommend master balls!

Where is arceus in Pokemon indego online game?

get a master ball and catch him off the computer

Can you catch arceus in pokemon LeafGreen?

you go to 5 island in the grass 100 Pokemon in pokedex you must have a master ball to catch arceus

How do you get Arceus with an action replay in diamond?

get azure flute( and a master ball),go to spear pillar, go up the staircase and catch arceus

Can you catch mew without a master ball?

I'm not quite sure what your talking about, but I would have to say that you would not have to catch it in a Master Ball.

Can you catch latios without a master ball?


Can you catch regice without a master ball?

you need to have two master balls.

Master ball shall you use it on bidoof or starly?

Don't use it on them! Use it on Legendarys!Another AnswerHe is right! You can only get ONE MASTER BALL IN THE GAME!!! It WILL catch any Pokemon. It is like a 100% Catch! Use it on someone like Arceus!

How do you catch dialgia and Palkia without a cheat?

Use an Ultra Ball, not a Master Ball

Can you catch suicine without a master ball?

yes, i caught suicine with a friend ball!